UTR Summer League Tournament

- Location: All matches will be played at fully air conditioned indoor courts in Manchester and Windsor. Both facilities have safety rules related to COVID-19. 


- Registration: Click the link to the UTR website and you will be directed to registration.


- Cost:  $35 to join the team (paid on UTR website), $20 payment per person per match 

- League format: 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches - League Schedule will be emailed to the captains. You only need 4-7 people to play each match.  Players can play doubles and singles in the same match, if they wish.

- Scoring format: each match is best of 3 sets with the 10 point tiebreak. 

Points per line win: 

1st singles - 3pts 

2nd singles - 2pts 

3rd singles - 1pt 

1st doubles - 3pts 

2nd doubles - 2pts 

- Results will be posted on UTR and MLTCM website

- Rules: We will follow the USTA officiating policies

- Prizes: Top teams will enter the playoffs to win 6ft tall trophy!

-Click BELOW on the league you would like to play in for more information and registration.  Teams without established captains will have team names of "red', "blue" etc.  That will get updated as needed.
-Questions? call Magic 860-688-1300

Women’s 2.5-3.0

Women’s 3.0-3.5

Women’s 3.5-4.0

Women’s 4.0+

Men’s 2.5-3.0

Men’s 3.5-4.0

Men’s 4.0+

Mixed 6.0-7.0

Mixed 7.0-8.0

Mixed 8.0+

Junior Summer League

“A European-style tennis club in the heart of Connecticut.”




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