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National UTR League

New National Tennis League, September - December 2020


Local competition with state and national championships!


- Location: Matches will be played at local clubs in your state. All facilities will follow safety rules related to Covid 19


- Payment Details: Cost per match will be similar to USTA league in your area, max $25, tennis balls included


- League Format: 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches


- League Schedule will be emailed to the captains and coordinated on the local level

- Playoffs and State Championships: Mid-December

- National Championships: January, location to be determined based on COVID safe states


- When will the match schedule be out? September 13


- Scoring Format: each match is best of 3 sets with the 10 point tiebreak in lieu of third set.

- Points per line win for Men's and Women's Leagues:

1st singles - 3pts

2nd singles - 2pts

3rd singles - 1pt

1st doubles - 3pts

2nd doubles - 2pts

- Points per line win for Mixed Doubles Leagues:

1st doubles - 3pts

2nd doubles - 2pts

3rd doubles - 1pt


- Results will be posted on UTR page

- Rules: We will follow the USTA officiating policies


If your team would like to participate in this league, have the captain contact Magic Lincer at He can update the team name so that the players can register for the team. Teams can be added to the league as needed.

-Questions? call Magic 860-688-1300
Men's 3.5 and under
Men's 4.5 and under
Men's Open
Women's 3.5 and under
Women's 4.5 and under
Women's Open
Mixed Doubles 7.0 and under
Mixed Doubles 8.0 and under
Mixed Doubles Open




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